Polish journal of science

Admission of articles for publication in the journal is done before the 06/05/2023

Publication of articles on the site and sending of the electronic journal to the authors before the 06/16/2023

SJIF Impact Factor – 3.779

Cosmos Impact Factor – 4.763

Polish journal of science

has been founded by a council of scientists, with the aim of helping the knowledge and scientific achievements to contribute to the world.

Polish journal of science

articles published in the journal are placed additionally within the journal in international indexes and libraries.

Polish journal of science

is a free access to the electronic archive of the journal, as well as to published articles.

Polish journal of science

before publication, the articles pass through a rigorous selection and peer review, in order to preserve the scientific foundation of information.

“Our direct duty is to help erase the limits of availability of knowledge between generations, countries, and nations.”

Jan Kamiński

About the journal

The journal was founded in 2017 by a council of independent scientists on a non-profit basis.

Our goal

The goal of the publishing house of the journal is the global spreading of scientific information in scientific circles and among interested persons.

Indexing of the journal

To increase the rating of the journal in the scientific environment, and to give the status to its articles, the journal is registered in Skopus and Web of Science.