Terms of publication of articles in the POLISH JOURNAL OF SCIENCE

Articles are assigned DOI

Schedule of materials reception:

  • Admission of articles for publication in the journal is done till 06/05/2023
  • Publication of articles on the site and sending of the electronic journal to the authors till 06/16/2023

    Peer reviewing of the article is 1 day

SJIF Impact Factor – 3.779

Cosmos Impact Factor – 4.763

1. Registration of an author

The author should fill in a questionnaire for the publication of the article. (It is necessary to be done for sending hard copies of the journal to the authors)

2. Peer reviewing of an article

The author should send the article in the electronic version, formalized in accordance with the rules of the journal(must specify E-mail for each author), to the editorial office for examination and reviewing at the following address:

3. Payment for publication of an article

After receiving a positive response about the peer reviewing and making all the necessary edits to the article, the author receives an instruction to pay for publication in the journal, reception of a hard copy, or publication in the electronic version of a journal only.

4. Publishing an article

After receiving the editorial confirmation of payment for the publication made by the author, the article is sent for publication in a journal (in a paper version or in an electronic version only).

30 Euro - publication of an article in a journal


  • Peer reviewing of an article
  • Production of an electronic version of the journal
  • Placement of the journal and articles in international indexes and databases

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

The article is peer-reviewed by members of the editorial board, who are experts in their field, and by independent experts.

The journal is produced in the set timeframes after the completion of reception of materials and making all edits. The author receives an electronic copy of a journal within 5 days since the end of reception of materials. A hard copy is sent to the author within two weeks from the end of reception of materials.

To pay for the publication, the secretary will send you an instruction describing a payment process and help you choose the most convenient way of doing it.

Confirmation of a payment is a photo of a receipt or a check, as well as a print screen option if payment is made online. Confirmation of payment is necessary for the editorial office of the journal to generate reporting, as well as for admission of the article to publication.

You can send the file of the article with the corrections before the end term of reception of materials. In this case, your article will be replaced.

The electronic journal is sent to all authors before publication on the site, to make it possible to have the last verification of own article and input any corrections if needed.

If within 2 days after the sending of the electronic journal there will be no answer from the author with the corrections, the editors will send the journal for publishing.

If you have any questions, please contact us by e-mail: editor@poljs.com